Steve Piskurich, CPA

Even if you’ve never had to stand before the IRS, SEC or any other federal acronym agency, you probably don’t mind that the guy who does your taxes has.

Meet Steve Piskurich. Since trading in his suit as the former controller of Equitable Resources for his favored Levis, Steve’s mission has been to help families and small businesses navigate the ever-shifting tax code and gain every legal edge.

Steve is one of the most veteran and accomplished CPAs in Pittsburgh and a member of the prestigious American Institute of CPAs. He’s been with The Regis Group every tax season since 1999 helping lift the tax burden off of ordinary families and small businesses, the backbone of our country.

This means you can enjoy April the way Steve enjoys it—cheering the start of the annual Penguins Stanley Cup run.

At the Regis Group, we feel an accountant doesn’t need to wear a suit as long as he suits your needs.


Frank Winn

President, CPA