Loretta Jelinek

Loretta has been a friendly, welcoming part of The Regis Group since its inception. She brings a wealth of real-world experience to her dual roles of accounting and tax preparation, having previously worked in finance with the Sterling Chemical Company, Bacharach Instrument Company and the YMCA of Pittsburgh.

In her spare time Loretta is a partner in a small business that rents and renovates homes in the Pittsburgh area. Her experience on both sides of the desk helps her to better understand and anticipate the needs of each client when it comes to maximizing their well-earned tax benefits.

Like many of our clients, Loretta dreams of spending a couple of weeks each year on a nice beach. Her skill set uniquely qualifies her to help others achieve their big dreams in their life.

Stop by and let Loretta crunch a few numbers for you. You might be surprised at how big a bite she can take out of your tax obligation.


Frank Winn

President, CPA