Karen Stanick

In 1998 Bob Regis took account of his situation and concluded that tax preparation didn’t have to be a dark art performed behind a big desk in an intimidating office. He wanted to create an alternative to stuffy tax firms and cheesy franchise pop-ups.

Karen Stanick has been with Bob every step of the way. She embodies the core values of The Regis Group: affordable personal and business accounting in a relaxed, friendly setting.

More than twenty years later, the success of The Regis Group speaks for itself. As we’ve helped our clients prosper they’ve helped us to grow.

Karen is an Honors graduate of CCAC in Tax Accounting. She's past President and Treasurer of the Millvale Rotary Club. Yes, Karen’s connection to the community runs deep. But mostly her clients like her because she’s like them. After a few minutes with Karen you’ll realize why the emoji she uses most is the laughing face with tears.

Stop in the next time you need tax or accounting help and see if Karen can’t help you to put the ‘fun' in ‘refund'.


Frank Winn

President, CPA